Monday, 21st April 2014
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In celebration of HRH Prince Philip’s birthday and the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Marines, musicians and marines will be performing on June 3rd and 4th in ceremonial display   Over 400 military personnel and musicians will congregate at the Royal Marines Beating Retreat, a pageant of military music and precision drill, at London’s Horse Guards Parade.   The world-renowned Beating Retreat is performed every two years in celebration of the birthday of the ...
This week , families found out which primary school their child has been allocated – and ARK Schools across West London have once again been shown to be a popular choice with parents.   At ARK Conway Primary Academy in Hemlock Road in Hammersmith, the first free school to be rated as outstanding by Ofsted, 141 pupils applied for just 30 places, nearly 5 for each spot.   ARK Brunel Primary Academy had 70 applications for their two forms of entry (60 places). Pupils will be moving into their brand new school building on Middle Row, off Kensal Road ...
Battersea Park 10th/15th April Rabbit Art and Easter Fun at Battersea   Children can turn rabbit drawings into beautiful Easter cards or make a rabbit print with prestigious artist Beatrice Von Preussen. There is an Easter Craft Day on Thursday 17th April, led by Battersea Park Zoo staff, where children can enjoy the Zoo ...
Two of the world’s most prestigious hospitals are set to go to war as plans for a vast building project leave Chelsea residents up in arms. In a massive strip-out of the family jewels, heart and lung specialists The Royal Brompton Hospital is intending to sell off most of its prime estate, located in the heart of the borough. They plan to raise a staggering £563 million for renovations and improvements to the hospital’s main site in Sydney Street, consolidating all their services ...


  • Jameel Prize 3
    21st April 2014
  • Odin Teatret The Chronic Life
    24th April 2014
  • Orpheus Sinfonia - the music of Paris
    24th April 2014
  • Le Gateau Chocolat: I Heart Chocolat
    27th April 2014
  • The Cheapside Hoard: London's Lost Jewels
    27th April 2014
  • Wise Men from the East
    27th April 2014
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Arts & Culture

Ruin Lust Tate Britain, Level 2 Galleries Until 18 May 2014 Admission £11 020 7887 8888 What a curious title for an exhibition. Certainly, it works in the original German Ruinenlust, and it is probably a watered-down version of the term ‘ruin porn’, which was coined to describe the beauty of decay, and the fascination with ...


  At the beginning of April, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ruled that the smog choking London, a mixture of local and continental pollution interspersed with sand from the Sahara, had reached level 10 on the Air Quality Index, the maximum. The government issued warnings to stay inside ...

Motoring & Sport

Innovation: its synonyms are change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation and metamorphosis. What we usually get is something quite familiar “with a twist” like some barking mad organisational guru who wants to change the furniture and get us all seated in pods with piped in dolphin squawks.  Unfortunately, your desk (sorry, Work ...

Business & Finance

 On 14th April 2014, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) hit out against financial services firms, including high-street banks, charging customers premium telephone rates for after-sales customer care or complaints and announced its plans to launch a consultation on the issue later this year. Many financial services firms provide, particularly for ...

Young Chelsea

(On general release) The bare facts about Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel seem to invite disaster: A film about a camp hotel concierge and his lobby boy, featuring an entire galaxy of disparate Hollywood stars set in a fictional Eastern European country and extending across three separate time periods is ...

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