Thursday, 24th April 2014
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Lonely hearts column in the paper

Wednesday, 12th September 2012
Dear editor

There is something missing from your very enjoyable paper.

It is a ''lonely heart'' column or even a ''just ''looking for a friend'' '
column for the more mature resident of RBKC, the 60 to 70 year old and

You notify us of so many wonderful events we can enjoy in the area, but
without a companion it is difficult to ''get up and go’’.

Many of us intelligent elders of the tribe, lonely widow/widowers, single /
divorced are just hoping for the opportunity to ''meet and greet'' again as
we once did.

To have again a gentle sense of excitement and purpose in our lives.

Would it be possible to ask your older readers for views and comments
regarding this ?

If you care to forward any replies on to me would be happy to answer
them. By email or phone.

Kind regards ''Chelsea Rose''

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